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Middle & Back Office - Outsourcing for banks and brokers
Middle & Back Office - Outsourcing for banks and brokers
Middle & Back Office - Outsourcing for banks and brokers

Middle & Back Office - Outsourcing for banks and brokers

Our clients are facing multiple challenges: the cost and complexity of regulatory compliance, how to achieve operational efficiency and economies of scale, access to new markets and customers, margin compression and the need to focus resources on core activities to meet competitive pressures.

They must also meet demand for new markets and asset classes by working with a partner who can provide broad market access and rapid implementation at low cost. Supporting new digital business models will force many to significantly increase their expenditure on enhanced digital capabilities.

Our solutions

Our middle and back office outsourcing solutions let our clients channel their multi-market trade processing through a single global provider.

Interfaced with their front office systems, we provide direct middle office support to our clients to monitor the lifecycle of each trade post-execution. Our solution enables clients to focus on strategic activities, e.g. research and execution, by outsourcing the matching, allocation, valuation and confirmation of their trades in over 90 markets.

Our middle office platform is interfaced with Omgeo Alert and CTM modules, meaning that clients benefit from the automated capture of standing settlement instructions and a streamlined allocation of block trades that enhance the trade confirmation process.

Our back office services manage a wide range of asset types and offer functionalities for investment banks on collateral. The platform can process repos, securities lending transactions, forex, derivatives (listed or OTC) as well as equities and fixed income. For OTC derivatives and repo, our clients benefit from extended ‘plug and play’ interfaces with our collateral access solution should they require valuation services or collateral management in addition to the transaction administration feature.

Middle and Back Office Outsourcing

Our middle and back office outsourcing solutions let our clients channel their multi-market trade processing through a single global provider. The modular components of our solution make it simple for clients to outsource specific parts of their execution, middle and back office functions.

Multi-direct network access

In today’s fast changing marketplace, our clients need to access new markets at the minimum cost within the shortest timescale, while efficiently managing a vast network across the globe. We offer direct instruction and reporting capabilities through a single interface to over 90 markets. This helps our clients react quickly to business opportunities by shortening deployment time and removing the complexity involved with implementing and managing moves into new markets.

Online portal for clients

NeoLink, our secure client space, offers clients a comprehensive set of tools to manage information, monitor activity and communicate with us. It has been designed to give ‘always on’ access to extensive sets of organised and clearly presented information. All in one place, our clients can customise views and reports, retrieve documents and initiate transactions. We can help our clients supply and receive information to increase the efficiency of their investment process.

DNA (Data Navigation Analysis)

DNA, our powerful and intuitive data visualisation tool, may be accessed via NeoLink portal. Whether monitoring portfolio exposures and performance, or overseeing failed trades and risk parameters, clients can customise views so that they have the right data at their fingertips at the right time. By representing data visually, DNA allows clients to focus on the information that is key to their business. Its single platform gives a helicopter view of their whole processes, revealing signals, patterns and trends that might otherwise have been missed.



Key Figures

  • Proprietary network in 27 major markets worldwide

  • Over 90 markets worldwide


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