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Solutions (15/21)
Fund Administration & Middle Office Outsourcing
Fund Administration & Middle Office Outsourcing
Fund Administration & Middle Office Outsourcing

Fund Administration & Middle Office Outsourcing

Comprehensive fund administration services

Multiple factors are combining to drive the globalisation of financial markets, throwing up both opportunities and challenges for our clients.

Regulation continues to bring down international borders, allowing asset managers to promote their funds to overseas investors in an attempt to raise assets. At the same time, new products, asset classes and markets are being tapped by asset managers as their clients seek greater diversification and improved risk-adjusted returns.

We deliver a comprehensive range of administration services for leading, international fund managers in all major onshore markets as well as in offshore jurisdictions.

Our fund administration services include NAV calculation and control framework, NAV reporting and legal & tax reporting.

Key figures:

  • Over 10,000 funds administered across the globe

  • 1.2 million NAVs per year

  • Coverage of over 100 fund vehicles including traditional funds, ETFs, hedge funds, private equity, real estate and loan funds

Middle office investment operations for the buy-side

The cost and complexity of regulatory compliance, the quest to achieve operational efficiency and economies of scale, as well and the pursuit to access new markets and customers has caused our clients to focus on resources on core activities to meet competitive pressures.

We offer a full range of middle office services to asset managers and asset owners. We are one of the leaders in middle office investment operations and partner global buy-side clients across Europe, the US and Asia Pacific. Processing and almost real time reporting via our follow-the-sun model is supported by our operational centres in Europe, the US and Asia.

Data at your fingertips

Technological and data-driven development is a key component of our clients’ business strategies to enable smarter business decisions.

Our interactive online reporting capabilities allow them to navigate from high level oversight information down to full detail with simple and intuitive technology.


Key market themes for banks and brokers

Key market themes for banks and brokers


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