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Latin America Securities Services Expo 2017 Recap
Latin America Securities Services Expo 2017 Recap

Latin America Securities Services Expo 2017 Recap


At this year’s Latin America Securities Services Expo, BNP Paribas was joined by a senior roster of thought leaders to discuss the current and forward-looking regional market dynamics and share their first-hand experiences in the Latin America market

While some of the Latin America’s economies are back on the road to growth, others, like Brazil, are in the midst of political turmoil and instability. What does this mean for institutional investors who are deciding when, where and how to invest? What will the future hold?

At the sixth annual Latin America Securities Services Expo held in New York earlier this summer, BNP Paribas was joined by senior thought leaders and authorities from the Brazilian stock exchange B3, J.P. Morgan, LarrainVial Securities, Sumitomo Mitsui, and Thomas Murray to discuss their perspectives on these questions.

Bottom line: with a growing number of investors once again sizing up Latin American opportunities, “having an on-the-ground provider that can offer direct access to regional infrastructures, issuers, as well as regulators and tax authorities will be crucial to investment success in the years to come, “ said Claudine Gallagher, Americas Head of BNP Paribas Securities Services, during her opening remarks.

For a full recap on this year’s Expo, please click on the link below to access a summary and highlights of the plenary sessions and break-out groups.


Download the Post-Event Report:


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