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Investment and operations outlook 2016 in NZ
Investment and operations outlook 2016 in NZ

Investment and operations outlook 2016 in NZ


Regulation, market volatility and technological change are rattling all links in the NZ investment industry value chain from the front-end to the back-office

The inaugural BNP Paribas Securities Services and Investment News NZ survey looks to see how this is affecting the outlook in the minds of industry participants.

New Zealand’s NZD100 billion (USD70 billion) plus asset management and retirement savings industry has entered a phase of rapid change – driven by internal competitive forces and external regulatory pressures, by domestic and global economic trends and by ever-more demanding investors.

As the industry negotiates its way through such a transformative period, BNP Paribas Securities Services and Investment News NZ undertook research to identify the most pressing issues weighing on the minds of participants today.

The survey results, discussed in the following report, provide asset owners and managers with benchmark information on trends in investment, administration and operations.

Responses on investment preferences for the period ahead provided a reflection of the state of the industry in New Zealand. Industry players seem to be all too aware of the global situation and are feeling the effect, but are also faced with trying to look offshore for opportunities. There are linkages to the global system but at the same time a degree of introspection.

Regulation was much discussed in the survey as firms look to manage the cost and operational implications of developments in this area, while still looking to establish the optimum method of capturing the opportunities they present.

As they look also at the detail of industry development, operations-wise the survey respondents were most interested in improving reporting standards; how to better measure, analyse, and manage data both toenhance performance reporting and meet regulatory requirements.


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