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Investment and Operations Outlook 2016 in AU
Investment and Operations Outlook 2016 in AU

Investment and Operations Outlook 2016 in AU


A report on issues facing asset owners and managers in Australia

There is a wide a range of issues that concern those in our local industry.

The ability to generate real and sustainable returns in today’s volatile and low-yield markets, along with nervousness about further market shocks, are the greatest concerns of those in the industry today.

These two over-riding anxieties are not misplaced. The International Monetary Fund, for example, forecasts the world will enter a five-year period of low growth until 2020, while the OECD predicts global growth will slow to an average of just 3.6% over 2010-2020. As for further economic and/or market disruption, the World

Competitiveness Centre notes that the world has been afflicted by an economic crisis every six years, on average, since World War II.

Respondents also rated other major concerns as technology changes (11%), regulatory change (10%) and investment issues (7%). Only one of the 115 respondents around the country replied that “nothing” kept them awake.


Download the research paper:

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