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Infographic: the buzzwords of 2016
Infographic: the buzzwords of 2016

Infographic: the buzzwords of 2016


Five critical issues are set to dominate financial services in 2016. Here are the words and trends you won’t be able to avoid

Read this article as it appeared in Quintessence magazine (Winter 2016)

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Changing horizons: What are the new opportunities for fund distribution, new asset classes to invest in and new markets to enter? What will be the new trading facilities in which to invest and trade?

Changing regulation: There is a huge cost in meeting new regulation, but perhaps a bigger one in getting it wrong. The pace of regulatory change calls for agility, and business models must be adapted in order to survive.

Changing technology: The development of new technologies is challenging existing methods of distribution, data management and customer service. Entire parts of existing value chains are being threatened: who will be the winners and losers?

Changing attitudes to risk: Properly understanding, measuring and mitigating against risk is not only crucial to your business, it remains a key focus of regulators and is rising higher on client agendas.

Changing business models: The search for efficiency is driving increasingly in-depth and innovative reviews of the components of company value chains. More than ever, they need to focus on their core business and true competencies.

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