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Distributing funds globally
Distributing funds globally

Distributing funds globally


Jean Devambez

Jean Devambez

Global Head of Product and Clients Solutions

BNP Paribas Securities Services

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What kind of issues do asset managers face when expanding globally and diversifying their assets in a low yield environment?

As a service provider, we have noticed that many of our asset manager clients face challenges in expanding their geographical footprint and in diversifying the types of assets into which they invest. This requires them to upgrade their risk monitoring framework to take account of new markets.

Our clients also have to come to terms with different and changing regulations that impact the way that they do business.

The cost of adapting to these regulations, such as the OTC derivatives regulations (Dodd Franck and EMIR), can be substantial. We have seen a lot of asset managers coming to us to leverage our solutions and avoid developing costly in-house capabilities.

From a fund distribution perspective, global expansion means that you have to review your fund range and possibly re- engineer it to cope with the markets and the types of investors that you are targeting.

Once again, this can entail significant investment and the choice of a suitable partner can be critical in optimising the process.


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