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‘Fresh thinking’ from the CEO of a global reinsurer
‘Fresh thinking’ from the CEO of a global reinsurer

‘Fresh thinking’ from the CEO of a global reinsurer


Mike McGavick – CEO of the global reinsurer XL Catlin – talks about the investment environment, Solvency II, in-house versus external asset management, and sustainable investing.

BNP Paribas sponsored a paper in 2016 entitled Governance, Cost and Sustainable Investing – Asset Owners Rethink Their Strategies. Written by the Economist Intelligence Unit and based on interviews with 23 asset owners, the paper discussed how asset owners are navigating the investment environment and the data challenges created by Solvency II and sustainable investing.

To continue the themes of investing, cost, business models and sustainability, we have sponsored some short videos with leading asset owners.

In the video below, Mike McGavick, CEO of XL Catlin, shares the perspectives of a global reinsurer.



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