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Securitisation and structured products
Securitisation and structured products
Securitisation and structured products

Securitisation and structured products

Securitisation allows originators (banks and corporates) to remove illiquid assets from their balance sheets in return for immediate cash flows. At the same time, investors can diversify and gain exposure to the underlying asset pool, not only the issuer. To support our clients, we have developed our expertise and knowledge of market, product and regulatory developments.

Our service model is fully integrated. Depending your requirements, we can offer a complete solution covering all securitisation and structured debt asset classes including mortgage backed, auto-Loans, collateralised loan obligations, repackaged and non-performing loan portfolios. Alternatively, we offer a modular approach that ensures a perfect integration with operations. We can also support specialist activities or requirements in an agency capacity such as collateralised and margin lending facilities, portfolio valuations and escrow.

Our solutions

  • Cash manager & account bank services

  • Investor reporting, waterfall and compliance modelling

  • Collateral, escrow agent and custodial services

  • Security Trustee