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Securities Lending and Borrowing
Securities Lending and Borrowing
Securities Lending and Borrowing

Securities Lending and Borrowing

Global interest rates are set to stay low - and in some cases negative - for the foreseeable future. In today’s markets, returns are no longer sufficient to support long term strategies due to depressed earnings across many products. As a result our clients are looking further afield in the search for yield and are taking a fresh look at investment strategies and opportunities to protect and extract value on a risk adjusted basis.

Opportunities to generate securities lending revenue remain strong and clients can benefit from the variety of different market conditions and trading strategies available in the securities lending market today.

Our solutions

With an in-depth knowledge of global markets across multiple asset classes and currencies, we have supported securities lending and borrowing activities for many years. Our customised approach is designed to optimise the return on clients’ assets within the parameters established by them. We propose complete securities lending and borrowing programs that gives the flexibility to lend and borrow assets in a variety of ways to suit each unique requirement.

Risk management & asset protection

Our proven track record in the securities lending and borrowing industry is the result of strong trading expertise, robust risk management policy and control and the continuous development of operational efficiencies, backed by the strength of our balance sheet. Preservation of client capital is the foundation on which we build and grow our securities lending and borrowing business. The values and practices we employ to monitor, control and report on the risks associated with managing a securities lending and borrowing business are adopted firm-wide.


Our seven desks world-wide cover established securities lending and borrowing markets and provide in-depth knowledge of local market trends and across multiple asset classes. We also provide bespoke lending and borrowing programs including HQLA and intrinsic programs, with flexible collateral parameters.

Relationship management

Our experienced teams support clients in keeping abreast of trends and market developments. Our clients can directly access our securities lending trading desks to discuss market opportunities and strategies. We also perform periodic performance and operational reviews.

Operational efficiency & expertise

Our integrated operational systems and proprietary lending and borrowing systems enable seamless programme management via our transparent and tailored reporting - including independent benchmarking services.