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Solutions (4/20)
Corporate Action for debt & equity issuers
Corporate Action for debt & equity issuers
Corporate Action for debt & equity issuers

Corporate Action for debt & equity issuers

Multiple factors are combining to drive the globalisation of financial markets, throwing up both opportunities and challenges for our clients. Regulation continues to bring down international borders and new products, asset classes and markets are being tapped to drive greater diversification and improve risk-adjusted returns. Allocations to emerging markets are increasing (relative to ‘home markets’) as market liberalisation and infrastructure improve.

These challenges have increased the complexity of corporate actions.

It is critical for all stakeholders to have access to a global structuring and centralizing agent that can help steer them through the complexities of their operations.

Our solutions

To help our clients overcome these challenges, we have consolidated our expertise to create an International Transaction Managing task force. (Capital Increase, IPO, Tender offer for Equity & Debt, Spin off….)

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