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POSTTRADE 360° Stockholm /Oslo / Copenhagen
POSTTRADE 360° Stockholm /Oslo / Copenhagen

POSTTRADE 360° Stockholm /Oslo / Copenhagen


06 – 07 March, Stockholm

03 – 04  April, Oslo

22 – 23  May, Copenhagen

POSTTRADE 360° are the main Nordic post-trade conferences. This year’s conferences will discuss topics like post-trade innovation, regulation, professional development and buy-side investment operations best practices.

Our speakers

POSTTRADE 360° Stockholm

Opening keynote: Understanding our post-trade world - with a little help from Donald 

img_bp2s_alan-cameron_2019-01-29.pngAlan Cameron

Head of Brokers Market Strategy, BNP Paribas Securities Services

Wednesday 06 March | 08:30


Technology keynote: How the new digital wave will transform post-trade

img_bp2s_marc-younes_2019-01-29.pngMarc Younes

Head of Digital Transformation, BNP Paribas Securities Services

Thursday 04 April | 09:30

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