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Rules for Digital Revolutionaries
Rules for Digital Revolutionaries

Rules for Digital Revolutionaries


Emerging guidelines for financial institutions on digital technology and innovation

In setting up our Innovation & Digital Lab in the summer of 2016, one of our key objectives has been to help clients better navigate the ever-changing digital world. For financial services organisations in particular, the pace of digital change is vast and sometimes it is difficult to know how to embrace the topic.

Certainly there is no shortage of high-quality research that highlights the advantages of one technological solution over another, offers great examples of digital transformation from other industries, or posits solutions to the legacy technology issues large financial institutions face. In fact, it seems that there is a new – and well-argued – opinion published almost every week.

We asked the University of Surrey’s Centre for the Digital Economy (CoDE) to put into context the challenge that we in financial services face when considering the changing technology, and shine a light on the solutions that are already in our control. The report that follows has been written by Professor Alan Brown, CoDE’s Executive Director, and Dr. Ben Shenoy, Director of CoDE’s Business Insights Lab.

I am sure you will enjoy ‘Rules for Digital Revolutionaries’ and hope that it supports your own cultural – and only then technological – revolution.

Philippe Ruault
Chief Innovation and Digital Officer


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