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National Asset-Liability Management Americas
National Asset-Liability Management Americas

National Asset-Liability Management Americas


12 - 13 May, 2016
Four Seasons, Mexico City, Mexico

Rehinking asset allocation and risk as policies diverge.


BNP Paribas is lead sponsor of the 2016 National Asset-Liability Management Americas.

Key topics this year include:

- Evaluating the effectiveness of preparations and responses by managers of sovereign reserves to the US rate hike

- Safety, liquidity and return - seeking out diversification opportunities within the trinity of reserve management parameters

- Current trends in strategic asset allocation and portfolio optimisation during a period of global macro change and volatility

- Sovereign reserves governance, organisational structure and decision making

- Managing and reacting proactively to commodity price volatility

- Fixed income, securities lending, external manager selection, renminbi, balancing returns with risk aversion.

Programme Day 1 - Thursday 12 May 2016

Programme Day 2 - Friday 13 May 2016




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