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Insurance Asset Risk 2016
Insurance Asset Risk 2016

Insurance Asset Risk 2016


13 June, 2016
Hilton Tower Bridge Hotel, London

BNP Paribas is a sponsor of Insurance Asset Risk 2016

Insurance Asset Risk is pleased to announce our third annual Insurance Asset Risk conference that will take place in London on 13 June 2016.

Attend this year's event and take on the fresh asset management and investment challenges brought on by Solvency II and other regulatory requirements.

Insurers are being compelled to revisit their asset liability management and investment policies, upgrade capital modelling and reporting systems, and review their portfolio management. With our expert speakers and panellists, we will tackle all these issues and more.

Dietmar Roessler, Head of asset owners at BNP Paribas Securitis moderating the following panel: "Asset Management: outsourcing vs insourcing decision making for insurers in the current economic climate".


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