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Market & Client Updates:
Market & Client Updates:

Market & Client Updates: "Fast & Focused"


BNP Paribas is ensuring its clients are never out of the loop, with a new personalised market & client updates process that focuses on client uniqueness

In a changing world, staying up-to-date should be effortless

Since the end of November 2016, an enhanced version of the market and client updates has kicked off a soundless revolution in client services: BNP Paribas clients are now receiving a more harmonised flow of information, which they can tailor online to their unique needs. These updates now guarantee you receive only the news that is relevant to you and your business, on the go, 24/7, and in your language.

Our global network of offices and experts means that all the information is produced by local teams, closer to the markets and the information you care about most. We cover more than 90 countries on topics as varied as tax, regulations, market infrastructure and securities transactions and more. No matter where you are, you’re updated on the latest developments. The goal is to instantly deliver personalised information to help you make the best decisions.

In addition to the emails, these updates are also available on BNP Paribas’ online solution NeoLink. In a dedicated page, BNP Paribas clients have access to all market and client updates and can specify the topics, markets and languages that are relevant to them. The interface is sleek and clean, offering a modern and straightforward design.


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Improving the distribution of market and client updates is a continuation of our innovation commitment to help us serve our clients better. From its speed and customisation settings to the updates relevance, the entire market and client updates system was created to provide our clients with a single source for all the updates they need, when they need it.

Market & Client Updates in Key Figures

  • More than 400 experts across 30 BNP Paribas Securities Services locations produce updates

  • Nearly 20 market and client updates are sent each day, i.e. more than 5,000 market and client updates are dispatched per year

  • More than 100,000 emails are sent every day, across 4 languages (English, French, Italian and Spanish)

  • 8,300 clients have already access to the dedicated webpage in NeoLink

If you are already receiving market and client updates, please click here to access the webpage dedicated to this news.

To receive market and client updates and get access to the dedicated webpage, please contact us or get in touch with your relationship manager.

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