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Article (92/280)
Capital Markets Union regulation
Capital Markets Union regulation

Capital Markets Union regulation


Our regulatory memo explaining the Capital Markets Union regulation: what it is, its scope, key dates and how it will impact you

The Capital Markets Union (CMU) is a flagship project announced by the European Commission (EC) in January 2015.
The CMU initiative is not legislation in itself. It comprises several projects, which collectively aim to create deeper and more integrated capital markets within the EU. The EC aims to diversify sources of financing (for example through better access to capital markets, securitisation and venture capital) and remove barriers to cross-border investments.

The CMU includes any activities, markets or products that may contribute to more integrated capital markets. CMU will directly affect all categories of financial participants:

  • Investors (including non-EU domiciled investors), individuals or institutions holding long-term investments
  • Various capital markets operators such as brokers, custodians, and trading venues


Download the regulatory memo:


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